Panam Percy Paul

Panam Percy Paul

Panam Percy Paul

Gospel Artist |

Panam Percy Paul started his musical career at age twenty while he was still in school as an undergraduate in the Kaduna state polytechnique . And while he still in the pursuit of his career, he got a job with Radio ELWA Christian Communications as a production supervisor and engineer.
Panam Percy Paul spent his early life in various parts of Nigeria because his father was an officer (Major) in the Nigerian Army, and he was always on reassignment. his parents are members of the Lutheran Church.

Panam Percy Paul mother was a composer. Whenever his father was transferred to a new place, they would go to church there. his mother would join the women’s choir or women’s fellowship of that church and would write Christian songs for them to sing.

His father liked music too, especially the American “country western” music, and he had a big collection of gramophone records made by singers such as Jim Reeves. He used to listen to these records and imagine that he was the singer.
In 1961, Panam Percy Paul started to play his first musical instrument, the harmonica. His father taught him to play the keyboard. He started playing the guitar in 1975. Even the man who actually taught him how to play the guitar did not even believe that He learnt it from him.
Panam Percy Pau teacher, Mr. Saidi was teaching a fellow student how to play the guitar… and he saw how the student was arranging his fingers on the guitar and looking at the chord chart, and he became interested. So after a while he had the need to go to the bathroom and so He picked it up and within 15 minutes, he was already playing the C, F, and G notes and singing.

Helater asked my father to buy a guitar, so he bought a cheap acoustic guitar for him. Hetaught himself to play and would try to mimic the song and play along on my father’s records.

Later, Panam Percy Paul would entertain his parents, brothers and sisters by playing the guitar and singing along. My renditions. They would all laugh, but my mother would encourage me saying, “Son, keep it up. Something good is going to come out of that.”

Panam Percy Paul once entered for a music competition, but his preparation was insufficient. Facing the crowd, he became so nervous that his performance was woeful. He did not know what to do so his father walked up and dragged him off the stage. Panam Percy Paul was humiliated, but he was not discouraged. He practiced diligently, entered the competition again the next year and took first position.
Panam Percy Paul will be live at Operation PUSH 2018…